Postcards project

I just wanted to let you know that I’m extremely happy that my article about our concert tour in Mexico appeared this month at the Jazz Forum magazine. It’s in Polish only but I’m working on the translation. Yay!


Mexico tour day 1

I’m having a wonderful, inspiring time in Xalapa, Veracruz. Today I met incredibly talented students from JazzUV and I was honored to teach them during my Masterclass. Everything in Xalapa is magical and I’m really thankful to be here. I’m also extremely proud of my great friend Rafal Sarnecki Who gave workshops today and to… Continue reading Mexico tour day 1

A night in Essaouira, Eid al- Adha in Safi and a peaceful time in Rabat

Morocco, 2nd of September 2017 Dear All, I left a farm in Marrakech for a while to travel around Morocco. First I got to Essaouira. It’s a charming, uncanny city where you can walk for hours, observing colorful stalls and shops. While exploring the town, I met a great instrument maker, Edinne Imad. I spent a… Continue reading A night in Essaouira, Eid al- Adha in Safi and a peaceful time in Rabat

Sunday with Arab-Andalusian tradition

I spent my Sunday on learning the Arab - Andalusian song. I'm lucky, because my friend Karim, who lives here on the farm, corrects my Arabic. The song Lamma Bada Yatathanna is a muwashshah'(موشح muwaššaḥ ); an Arabic poetic genre in strophic form developed in Muslim Spain in the 11th and 12th centuries. لينا شماميان – لما بدا… Continue reading Sunday with Arab-Andalusian tradition


I’ve just spent lovely 2 days in Vienna. It’s a beautiful city, full of buildings remembering a long, long history. On the every corner I could really see how the past is filled with everyday life. Now it’s time to go home and hug my family and friends before another trip.